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Vision: for global impact, for God's glory.
MBADiversity began as a grassroots movement in 2003 and has since evolved into an inclusive MBA prep program and faith-based professional membership organization. With both American and international members, the organization has successfully created a new breed of multicultural business professionals who live life with passion and evoke positive change within their respective communities.

In 2003, MBADiversity began as a vision given to a woman named Keisha Dawn Entzminger. This vision was embraced at the grassroots level and many of America's top MBA programs have supported the organization's events and workshops.

Since the initial Web 2.0 launch, the organization has embraced continuous quality improvement (C.Q.I.) and performance monitoring in its methodology to overcome society's external factors -- antecedent variables and mediating factors.

Over the years, MBADiversity has been able to achieve quantifiable outcomes and outputs within higher education with the help of its alliances and unwavering faith. To view MBADiversity's milestones, click here.

In 2004, MBADiversity moved from an online social platform to an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) organization. It then introduced its Fellows Program. The initial Fellows program offered first-ever GMAT(r) scholarships, a type of financial assistance that did not exist before. The organization has also offered other results-oriented solutions, combining innovation with pragmatism in its approach.

After further studying future business trends and the Millennial market V.A.L.s (values, attitudes and lifestyles), the organization then offered its Global Immersion Module (GIM) for prospective MBAs. This was a forward-thinking solution to prepare tomorrow's global leaders with early hands-on international experience.

In 2010, the organization integrated the Blue Ocean(TM) strategy in its approach to further prove its collaborative nature and secure its unique niche within the higher educational realm. Along with GIM, this strategy included web-based modules and FAITH events to spiritually equip members to face - and subsequently overcome - the challenges and forces presented to them in their respective journeys.

The organization is comprised of both American and international members, mobilizing a new breed of multicultural business professionals who live life with passion and evoke positive change in their careers, in their educational institutions and within our global community.

Bienvenue. Benvenuto. Welcome.

Our organization can be reached at contactus@mbadiversity.org


Current Board Governance (restructuring in progress -- new Board members will be announced soon)
Bob Harris, PhD, President of Christian College of Georgia- Faith and Missions Advisor
Lynn Bonner, President of Cultural Nuances, LLC and LFB Enterprise, LLC - Diversity and Corporate Advisor
Keisha Dawn (K.D.) Entzminger, founder MBADiversity, GradPrep and Agape Love Works Ministries

Frederick Towles, Accountant