MBADiversity and GradPrep: Professional Development Program (PDP)
Platform: Online
Duration: Monthly

MBADiversity/GradPrep: Graduate School Prep and Leadership Development Workshop Description

Vision: To successfully assist MBADiversity Professional Associate members with graduate school application, leadership development and spiritual refreshing

Using the Elmore model of backward-mapping, the workshop is designed to navigate the path of successful graduate school applicants through 4 core areas: PURPOSE, CAREER, GRADUATE SCHOOL and PRE-GRAD.

Participants will learn how:

  • to leverage their knowledge, connections and MBADiversity/GradPrep experience in their essays, interviews and graduate schools to maximize their career and life success.
  • to successfully prepare as a pre-graduate to distinguish themselves from the competitive applicant pool.
  • to identify their life purpose and passion and learn why graduate school is a tool - not an end goal - to achieve their life purpose.

All participants of the workshop will receive a generous test prep discount from The Princeton Review. Qualified participants will receive full and/or partial test prep scholarships from The Princeton Review, Veritas Prep or ManhattanGMAT.


Below is a brief, general overview of the program. The detailed syllabus and books will be sent to all participants. The online courses are held monthly on Sundays.

Career and School Roadmap
Discovering Your Passion
Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Graduate School Insight
Admissions and/or Alumni Networking (held offline, on campus)

Pre-Graduate School
Intro to the GMAT/GRE
Application Prep

Note: this program is rigorous with homework, insightful exercises, personal coaching and book reading involvement. You will complete this program with the necessary tools and completed roadmap to successfully navigate your academic and professional career.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q. How do I apply for the Professional Development Program?

A: Once you register your name and email through our secure site, we will contact you for a Phone Connect. After the Phone Connect, you will be sent an invitation to apply. You will then need to submit your application and fee to secure your placement.

Q: Outside of what's on the agenda and career training, I understand that there are scholarships available for the GMAT preparation. Could you tell me a little bit more how those would be distributed? Is it a lottery or is there a structured application process?

A: Test Prep discounts will be available for everyone. Full and partial scholarships will be available to those who qualify. There is an application process for the full/partial scholarships, sent upon request.

Q: I am interested in the GIM (Global Immersion Module) as well. How do I apply?

A: We select 10 Global Fellows for the Global Immersion Module. Please register your name and email address to receive information about GIM 2014. Click Here.